Our expertise and experience mean we are able to develop and manage complex projects from start to finish. Starting with in depth research, our dedication is applied at every stage- with careful analysis of end-user and market needs, innovative and careful design of both the yacht exterior and interior, with attention paid to the unique styles and brand identity of each yard.

Our careful planning optimises every step of the yacht design and construction process and significantly reduces costs along the way. By managing a complex set of activities at once, we can work quickly yet efficiently to create quality work where every design aspect works harmoniously to create the whole. As well as greatly reducing the length of the project, this ensures the entire process is streamlined, resources are successfully managed and all aspects of production fit together perfectly.

This process is project specific and highly adaptable, depending on the requirements that need to be fulfilled and the documentation that needs to be handed in.

As a result, extended communication with the selected yard’s technical department on the one hand, and the Class representatives on the other side, while maintaining the client’s requirements is a familiar process for the Metacentro team, that can ensure the smooth project development.

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